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aptitude professionnelle

Born in Brussels Belgium, Christopher White Studied woodworking in both Bordeaux and The Basque Country in France.  He achieved his CAP (certificat d'aptitude professionnelle) in 1999. Having work experience in France and the US, has installed in him a professional and unique work ethic.



Christopher White is a classically trained woodworker with the eye of an artist. He believes in executing his clients vision while also listening to the grain of the wood he is working with. He has always been inspired by the natural beauty around him, and strives to express that outwardly in the pieces he creates. 



Our Services


Custom furniture

Christopher White enjoys the process behind creating new pieces of furniture. Getting to know the client on a personal level before sourcing wood and materials is key to integrating the client's persona into the piece. Characteristics are reflected into each piece through the process used in all Christopher's hand made wooden furniture. 

Luxury displays

Besides furniture, Christopher has made a name for himself in designing and installing beautifully unique window displays for premium luxury brands such as Hermes and other luxury fashion and consumer brands. 

Office designs

Similar to our 'Luxury Displays" Christopher has an eye for setting an ambiance. Are you or your company looking to move into a new office or to redesign your current space? Allow us to help you create the office environment of your dreams for maximum comfort and of course productivity. 

Made to order

There are several furniture pieces already designed to perfection by Christopher White Designs. We do not carry stock, however some devices can be made to order. If you are interested in ordering current designs or custom work, please contact us through the form below.

Current stock

Due to high demand and our "made to order" model, it is very rare for us to carry stock. In some cases, however, we do have some extra pieces of furniture at our Brooklyn workshop and showroom available for immediate purchase. 

Christopher has basically built half of Manhattan. I recognize his work in every luxury store in SoHo and Fifth Ave”
— Corinne Mafnas







Are you interested in custom furniture or a redesign of your company office or storefront? Please leave an inquiry below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.